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Welcome to NBK History Brothers!
We aim to share ideas and concepts in regards to a range of diverse topics concerning Black people. Content uploaded daily. #NBKHISTORYBROTHERS
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the sankofa papers - the question still remains
After intense and diligent reading of text that attempted to understand the beginnings of the early organized Black Community, I’ve come to a quandary. As early Africans in ... (more)
the sankofa papers - the great white hypocirsy
As I sat on the side of my bed thinking of a title for this lead story, I wondered what to start with. With a slew of ideas going through my head I decided to do a piece I... (more)
nbk history brothers (blog): deconstructing drake: the blackface minstrel | millennial minstrel? | story of ad
Why did Drake do Blackface? Is he the new Jim Crow? Is Drake the Millennial Minstrel ? The pic for the Story of Adidon may be the beginning of the end for Drake. Sign ... (more)
nbk history brothers: ancient kemet artifacts complex of king djoser (ca. 2630–2611 bce)
Ancient Kemet Artifacts Complex of King Djoser (ca. 2630–2611 BCE) at Saqqara, Necropolis of Memphis in the I nome of Lower Kemet : one of the three sḥ-Nṯr (“the ... (more)
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New Videos
coon by ye (kanye west) the making of conscious coons
The breakdown of the making of conscious coons. www.LiberationMindedMedia.net... (more)
nbk history brothers (video): 15 yr. old sister goes to harvard!
At 15 years old! Saheela Ibraheem, of Edison, was also accepted to MIT and 13 other schools including Princeton and Columbia before settling on Harvard after falling in love w... (more)
bill cosby guilty of rape! high tech lynching?
The Mainstream media is quick to attack Black entertainers. Was he guilty? Or is this just another example of racism? www.LiberationMidedMedia.net... (more)
exploration of cinema exploitation w/ knowledge born allah
www.LiberationMindedMedia.net... (more)
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Latest News
nbk history brothers (news): incredibly gifted nigerian creates mini-aircrafts
INCREDIBLY GIFTED NIGERIAN CREATES MINI-AIRCRAFTS For more information log on to http://www.channelstv.com Sign Up: (FREE!) NBK HISTORY BROTHERS Website http://newb... (more)
nbk history brothers (news): watch soldiers catch chinese galamsey in ghana
Watch Soldiers Catch Chinese Galamsey In Ghana! Courtesy of One Love One People One Ghana YouTube Channel Subscribe to https://goo.gl/8Tskho Sign Up: (FREE!) NBK HI... (more)
nbk history brothers (news): maxine waters - republicans are spineless on president donald trump
Maxine Waters joins us for our ‘Moment of Maxine,’ telling Joy Reid, ‘This president, again, is just on a rampage, without knowing what he’s doing.’ Sign Up: NBK HISTORY ... (more)
nbk history brothers (news): gen. mccaffrey & joy reid discuss trump failure to confront russian threat
March 18, 2018: General McCaffrey talks to anchor Joy Reid and reluctantly calls President Trump a threat to U.S. National Security because of the sway Putin and Russia have o... (more)
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